• 09/12/16
  • 12:45 pm

I’m a Freelance Web developer and WordPress developer from Doncaster UK

My specialty is building websites including front-end features, backend design, and bespoke CMS.

I know several languages including HTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery and am constantly learning a new language every week so that I’m up to date with the latest techniques used in today’s web development.


I studied IT support when I left school and through till university but after doing all that and doing the job that I studied for really wasn’t that appealing, I performed telephone support and onsite IT support for several years before moving onto web development.

I learned several of my skills from simply reading tutorials and learning new programming languages, there are several video tutorials to help with development I have made several WordPress tutorial videos to help other users that need help.

IT Support

It was hands-on experience with hardware in my spare time that first made me aware of my interest in web development. Since then I have worked in IT support, managing and maintaining servers, resolving hardware and network issues on site – a job I have done for several years.

Web Development & WordPress Development

Building websites have been my passion from a young age, and after some strong experience in building and repairing hardware I branched out into building dynamic websites professionally.

I’m fluent in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL, and regularly use industry-standard software including Coda 2, Codekit, MAMP, Sublime Text, Github, and Pixelmator.

I Started most websites from scratch using notepad and built several sites from that alone, looking back at some of the first sites I created I can see how far I have come. I started using WordPress when I saw it getting used more and more in the industry. As its simple to setup and use and there are thousands of plugins and themes to use along with it.

I didn’t stop there after using WordPress for a number of years I began to dive into WordPress Development which consisted of making themes and plugins to solve the problems I was facing at the time, you can see some plugins I have made here.