WordPress Plugins

  • 11/01/17
  • 12:11 am

Plugins are an easy way to maximise the potential of WordPress. I have created several plugins for WordPress which are very simple to install and use.
Installation: Download the plugin --> Unzip -->Take the extracted folder and place in plugins directory, alternatively upload the zip as a plugin.

Go to installed plugins section in WordPress and activate the plugin if not already activated,

If you have any issues, contact me through this page or via Github and I’ll be happy to assist you.

Custom CSS & JS Meta Boxes

This plugin adds custom css & js meta boxes to your post or page.


WCProduct Info

This plugin pulls information about a Woocommerce product and displays it via a shortcode.


Custom Categories WC Widget

This plugin is to be used on product category pages it will show the sub categories of the selected category page, and not the other categories.

Download Github Git


FullPost is a clean way to display the full content of your posts via a shortcode, use the shortcode anywhere on the site to display your blog posts in their entirety.


HelpBox Information Plugin

Displays a floating helpbox on your site populated with questions from the custom questions post type page.

More Info Here

Download WordPress Plugin Page